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Energy costs are are on the rise! The average homeowner will save over $40,000 in the next 30 years by going solar. Rise above and own your energy with a cleaner, more reliable and less expensive solar array. The financials work in your favor, get with your local solar installer and find out for yourself!

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Solar Services

Browse through all of the different types of solar we provide service for and click on any one of the pictures below for more information on that particular type of solar energy system offered.

Residential solar panels


Save money with a solar energy system for your home! RayWell Solar provides renewable energy solutions that will enable you to produce your own, clean energy instead of paying the increasing bills sent by the electric companies each month.

Commercial solar energy system


RayWell Solar provides top-notch energy solutions for businesses to enable lower operating expenses and increased savings. We install commercial solar energy systems on ALL roof types, and provide a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee.

Agricultural solar power


Farmers are increasingly switching over to solar energy to decrease operating costs and avoid increasing utility costs by generating their own clean energy. Make your investment back in as little as 2 years by going Solar with RayWell.

Utility scale

Utility Scale

Have land that’s not currently being used? Have tax liability on that land? Interested in leasing the land or purchasing a system outright and selling power outright to the utility? RayWell Solar helps lead the pack on these systems.

Why Go Solar?

Own your Energy

Why rent when you can own? Stop paying the electricity companies to rent their energy and create your own instead!

Tax Benefits

Take advantage of the federal and state tax credits when you go solar!

Sustainable Energy

Not only will you go green in savings, but you’ll also be helping the environment when you go solar.

Increased Property Value

When you go solar, not only is there an increase in your savings, but also the value of your property.

Increasing Energy Costs

Your monthly electricity bill is only going up from here. Rise above with solar and avoid increasing energy rates.

Fixed Cost

No more surprises! Know how much you’ll spend monthly on your solar system and experience no bills once it’s paid off!

Average Saved Per Household Each Year




Comes Back To You In TAX CREDITS

Going Solar: How it Works

We’ve worked hard to establish a simple, four step process for all of our customers when you decide to go solar with RayWell. Going solar is easy when you work with us, we do all the work so you don’t have to and guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate.

Free solar power consultation

1) Free Site Visit and System Quote

Schedule your free consultation and one of our team members will come out to conduct a site visit and give you a free estimate on what it’ll cost for you to go solar, as well as how much you would save with a solar energy system. Solar energy Charleston, SC

Energy from the sun

2) System Design

After meeting with one of our solar professionals during your free site visit, our team of design professionals will construct the perfect system for your needs and to fit your roof while also maximizing your ROI. Solar panels Charleston, SC

Solar panel installation

3) System Install

After sharing the system design and overall proposal with you, once you have reviewed and given us the thumbs up, it’s finally time to install your new solar energy system!

Saving money on electricity

4) Connect and Start Saving

At this point, your new solar system has been installed and it’s ready to go. This is the final step in the process, where we’ll contact your utility company and give you the green light to turn on your system and start saving! Solar energy for your home Charleston, SC