Now is the best time to go solar!

Why switch to solar?

South Carolina wants you to benefit.

by Brandon Hartzell, Solar Consultant, RayWell Solar

Installing solar gives you the ability to harness the amazing power of the sun.  You will also gain the satisfaction of using a clean energy source and help cut CO2 emissions. But why are so many people making the switch to solar energy? The answer revolves around money.

1. Price

The main reason for the growing interest in solar is the drop in price.  It has never been cheaper to get a solar system. Ten years ago, the price of solar was almost $9/Watt. Our price today is $3.50/Watt for a residential installation. The sharp decrease in price can be attributed to the improvements in solar panel manufacturing as well as increased competition for solar supremacy between solar companies.  The result: you win!

2. Tax Credits

Individuals and businesses all across the state are taking advantage of state and federal tax credits.  Currently, there is a 30% federal tax credit and South Carolina has an additional 25% state tax credit.  For commercial entities (including rental and agricultural properties) there are additional tax advantages which make the ROI even better. (Want details? See Tax Credits

3. Investment

What you get when the cost of solar is low and tax credits are available? A great ROI! For residential systems in South Carolina, your typical ROI is 14%. If you have the cash, this is a better return than many investments and much less risky. Financially savvy people are seeing solar as a smart way to invest in their money. If cash flow is a problem, solar can be done with no cost upfront. Contact Brandon to get information.

price, tax credits, Investment

Once you switch to using solar, you will be able to access the free power of the sun. Don’t leave yourself subject to another price increase by your utility company.  Control your energy and your money.  Do what financially savvy consumers are doing and put your money to work for you!