What does the solar tariff mean for the price of your installation in 2018?

In short, there will be an increase. How much is yet to be seen. As of today’s date, we have not raised our prices one penny. But there is a panel shortage and the number of pre-tariff priced panels are dwindling.

If the idea of a solar tariff is new to you, you can read the announcement from January’s article here. After a year’s worth of debate in the International Trade Committee, public campaigning and module hoarding, the White House released a fact sheet with the result of a 30% tariff on imported panels. Almost all panels are imported into the US, so this affects almost every installation.

solar tariff

Recently released tariff schedule on imported solar modules.

We have prepared for this at RayWell and plan to keep our prices the same for as long as we can get panels at the pre-tariff prices. We have a few tricks up our sleeve, including a limited number in stock. For those that have been considering pulling the trigger, now is the time. You can get an efficient 300W module for a great price during our February sale.

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When you step back and look at the big picture, now is the time to go solar. You have an increase in panels coming. The tax credits (both state and federal) are still here, but we don’t know for how long. Plus, utilities are still in phase one of net metering, so you get an even trade for your money. While many want to wait until technology improves, they don’t know that new products are more expensive until they get replaced by an even newer tech and they will be in a poor spot when the South Carolina state tax credit isn’t here anymore (ask our North Carolina neighbors or solar powerhouse California who no longer have state tax credits).

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