We were recently approached by a local realtor with questions about solar. They are good and common questions we get as a company and we wanted to share them with you here.

Read the interview here! and here is a snippet:

Q&A with Raywell Solar.

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of sponsored information about solar all over the internet and plenty of salesmen knocking on our doors to tell us all about how solar can benefit us.  It is difficult for the average Charleston homeowner to separate facts from the sales pitches. On many of the local Charleston community forums it is evident that there is much confusion and disbelief regarding the benefits of installing solar in Charleston. Often there are questions from those interested in solar surveying other homeowners if solar actually penciled out to be a net payoff.  We are delighted to speak with local Charleston business owner, and founder of Raywell Solar, Kasey Harwell to give us the cold hard facts.

Agent #ALLCHS: Kasey, thank you for your time today.  Please provide an intro on yourself and the ethos of Raywell Solar.

Kasey from Raywell Solar: Two years ago, I started hosting solar workshops for communities in the Charleston area. We invited people to have their questions answered by an unbiased, industry-insider to educate homeowners. What came from these free workshops was an overwhelming need for a straightforward local installer who does a quality job. At the end of the session, the number one question was “who do you recommend to install?” The sessions were meant to help homeowners ask the right questions to their installers, so we did not give recommendations. But what we found out was that the community had a hard time finding a local, reasonably priced installation company. So that’s why we started RayWell. We emphasize quality over quantity and value over artificially inflated prices. We’ve been able to run a small business with that in mind ever since.

Agent #ALLCHS: In your honest opinion, is solar a luxury amenity for the environmentally conscious homeowner or is it a functional cost saving benefit?

Kasey from Raywell Solar: There are multiple reasons a person would go solar. The primary is often to gain a financial advantage over the utility’s prices. While you have no control over what SCE&G charges you (or what they do with their money…the nuclear plant fiasco as a prime example), you can control your energy costs with solar.

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