What does Dominion mean for solar?

You may have received an email from SCEG stating they are becoming Dominion and are wondering what it means for your solar installation. While no details have been officially released by Dominion, the writing on the wall suggests that there will be little change.

Dominion in Virginia currently has straight forward net metering policies, just like SCEG does here. So those customers who currently have solar installed, there should be nothing to fear. Plus Dominion states they are committed to sustainability. The most important factors are not actually decided upon by the investor-owned utilities (like Duke, SCEG and Dominion), but instead by the state.

Act 236

Currently, the great state of South Carolina is regulated solar by Act 236, which is independent of SCEG. This legislation forces the large utilities to allow net metering up to 2% of their total population. SCEG customers are currently nearing the cap, but are still taking applications for at least the first quarter. What the green energy sector is hoping is that new legislation will lift the cap and allow/force (depending on which way you look at it) SCEG/Dominion to take solar customers.

So what you should keep an eye on is this next session of congress and the push toward green energy push for green energy. If you are interested in moving green energy policy forward in South Carolina, check out www.cleanenergysc.com and get informed.

Support Clean Energy In SC

Visit https://p2a.co/Sbej9Fl to tell your legislators to give you the option for solar. If you already have solar, it won’t change anything.

You can find more information the transition at https://www.dominionenergy.com/BecomingDominionEnergy.

Solar installation in Mount Pleasant, SC using Solaria 360W modules done by RayWell Solar and Global Solar Energy.