All this talk about renewable energy and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, yet is hard to get a solid picture, until now: Energy Maps from These are super cool images to help understand which parts of the world are using nuclear, solar and fossil fuels.

Take for instance these three images of the world showing the popularity of fossil fuels, nuclear and solar:

energy maps fossil fuels

Fossil Fuels are the main source of power in the United States.

energy maps nuclear power

Nuclear power is the next biggest contributor to the US energy market.

energy maps hydropower

Renewables (which are mostly hydropower) in North America.


What is your guess for the most solar dependent country in the world? Germany? Nope, it’s actually Italy. They get 6% of their total power from solar. Pretty impressive. And according to the latest numbers from the DOE, the US uses about 6% solar as well ( Interestingly, only about a percent of power generated at utility-scale comes from utility scale solar. So where does all the other solar energy come from? Distributed arrays on rooftops across the country. Why are people do that on an individual basis? Because it makes financial sense for the owner of the building to invest in solar. Ready to get in on the action yourself? Click here: Free Solar Quote.

energy maps italy

Did you know Italy makes quality solar panels? Try Piemar.

Other countries of note:

China is on the leading edge of the solar revolution. They are installing more solar than the US by far!

energy map china

Brazil is a new market for solar. RayWell is currently looking into a utility scale project in the heart of Brazil. They currently get a lot of power from hydro, but as you well know, damming is not always the best thing for the river’s habitat.

energy map brazil


All images come from the energy maps found at Thank you for providing this resource!