Corporate Sustainability has been a hot topic issue since the early 2000s as many Fortune 500 companies have made huge strides paving the way to a sustainable future. I read every week about a company or city committing their part to the goals set forth in Paris Climate Agreement. And, of course, they let it be known via press releases and advertisements. So why do they do that?

Customers want companies to do more

corporate sustainability

According to a recent Renewable Energy World article, the incredible demand for solar is not only driven by the ever-increasing cost of power, but by their customer base.

91 percent of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit [such as] operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues.” (Cone Study)

Large business are attempting to beat their competition by aligning their brand to the values of their customers. And the topic of clean energy has never been more popular. Atop the list of clean energy conversation: SOLAR.

Additional Benefits: Cost Savings

That being said, the financial benefit of solar cannot be underestimated. Owning your energy with an onsite clean energy power plant can significantly reduce the fixed costs of a company. It’s popular knowledge that solar is cheaper than the utility’s price for power. With solar systems becoming more efficient, even small solar arrays can provide a huge relief to companies during peek consumption times when commercial rates are at their highest. While the tax credits and incentives are still alive in South Carolina, businesses from Boeing to the local grocery store have made a smart investment into their energy needs.

Sustainability should be on every CEO’s mind

With the consumer demand for responsibility combined with the current incentives, local corporations have an incredible opportunity to reduce costs as well as make an invaluable impact on their customer base.  It’s no wonder so many companies are substituting their power bill for a solar investment.

Given the current climate, the question becomes, why is your business not evaluating a solar installation?

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