Integrated solar for dual purposes

By Rachel Propst, Solar Consultant

Solar has undeniable benefits for home and business owners. When combining the tax credits and 5-year MACRS depreciation, solar becomes a cost-saving source of power. (

Although this is true, the physical look of roof-mounted solar arrays can be aesthetically unappealing to some folks. The good news is that solar has come a tremendous way in the past few years.  With technological advances and great creativity, roofs are not the only option.

Beyond the solar shingle, which has yet to be a proven technology, solar can be installed on ground mounts and structures such as a carport or canopy. When you build a structure for solar, it might be eligible for the 30% federal tax credit, just like the solar system. Integrated solar powered structures can be used for sunrooms, greenhouses, skylights, awnings and more. There are various options for incorporating solar panels in newly constructed or renovated homes and buildings. If you are wanting to add a structure, consider solar as the topper and you will save a 30% and then save on your power bill.

Florian Solar

In fact, there is a company headquartered in Georgetown, South Carolina, just a few hours from the RayWell Solar offices, that specializes in these types of structures. Florian’s new product line of integrated solar has been changing the way people view solar which will not only save you money in the long run, but also provide a functional, beautiful “dual purpose home addition” to your property. (

Florian integrated Solar

Residential integrated solar porch

Florian integrated Solar

Integrated solar canopy from Florian

Skylight integrated solar

Not your traditional skylight

florian integrated solar

Florian sun room

Solar Window

One of the newest and most exciting technologies is solar windows. These exterior windows allow you to turn entire buildings into vertical power generators. SolarWindow systems can be installed within window glass surfaces on tall towers and skyscrapers. The secret is see-through liquids that create electricity using natural, shaded, and even artificial light. (

integrated solar window

Solar window pane

integrated solar example

SolarWIndow provides electricity and tinting


We encourage you to check out other products that allow you to produce your own, clean energy, while maintaining or increasing the aesthetics on your home or place of business. Because when you think about it, the possibilities for solar are endless.